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Upon receiving the images I was thrilled! I had high hopes after seeing Leanne’s work and they were even better than I had hoped for. Really very impressed. I really got that ‘nailed it’ feeling when I opened the album.

The soft light was just beautiful. The off guard poses. The surprise shots of suppliers that we weren’t expecting. Leanne had covered every single detail of the day. Nothing was left without attention.

Leanne is very approachable and friendly which is most welcome for those of us uncomfortable in front of a lens. She was direct when needed and weren’t shy to move things around when required. She was forthcoming in sharing information on what would make the shots work.

Proper collaboration to get the best results.

Leanne’s dedication to the shoot really stood out. She even mucked in to help whenever people needed it.

I would most definitely work with Leanne again in the future and recommend her services to family, friends and other professionals.

Suzanne Oddy- Creative Directer at Suzanne Oddy Design Limited
Image of Suzanne Oddy – Stylist. 25/3/21 Styled Wedding Shoot at Little Seed Field glamping site, North Yorkshire